UN passes resolution against drone strikes


UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations passed a resolution against drone strikes unanimously on Thursday, Express News reported.

Pakistan had earlier raised the issue at the UN General Assembly.

On October 25, Pakistan had renewed demands for an end to US drone strikes on its territory.

“In Pakistan, all drone strikes are a chilling reminder that reprisal strikes by terrorists are around the corner,” Pakistan’s UN ambassador Masood Khan had told a UN General Assembly rights committee debate.

Khan, following up a call made by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to US President Barack Obama on October 23, had said civilians had suffered “inhumane” deaths and the strikes had “radicalized” public opinion in Pakistan.

“We call for the immediate cessation of drone attacks inside the territorial borders of Pakistan,” Khan had stated.

“We hope that the United States would respond to this urgent call from Pakistan anchored in international humanitarian law,” he had added.

Washington trip

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on October 22 had called for the United States to end drone strikes, saying they violated his country’s territorial integrity, and were a “major irritant” in relations between the two countries.

Nawaz, during his visit to Washington on the heels of a major Amnesty International report on drones, had told an audience at the US Institute of Peace think tank that the attacks posed a “major” impediment to relations with the United States.

Dilating on “Pakistan’s vision for regional peace and development,” Nawaz had stated that all political parties in Pakistan agreed that drones violate the territorial integrity of the country and are counterproductive to peace building measures.

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