Ominous conspiracy of India and Afghanistan to undermine Pakistan

Taking a refuge and living in a country and doing terrorist activities are a crime according to the constitution of any country of the world. Baloch leaders are doing this since long but no one is here, even the countries in which they are living, have the courage to ask them about their activities. Mutiny in Balochistan is due to Baloch separatist leaders who are living abroad but sponsoring terrorism to Balochistan because they are being funded by their foreign masters.

First of all, presence of Baloch leaders is questionable here. Why are they living in Afghanistan if they have love for Baloch land? Simple answer of this that they just have love for money and being present in Afghanistan and taking money from foreign countries, they are stimulating terrorism in Balochistan. Second question here is that why Afghan leaders have given refuge to those who are involved in terrorist activities? Answer to this question is also very simple that Afghanistan is supporting these Baloch leaders and helping them in sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan. Afghanistan is allowing Baloch leaders to use Afghanistan’s land for creating disturbance in the province.

On the other hand, frequent visits to India by Baloch leaders to meet Indian officials are also one of the prominent things. India has been involved in sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan but still Baloch leaders meet Indian officials. Why? It has also the simple answer that they just go to India to take money from their masters there to create trouble in Balochistan. Their love for money is more than love for homeland.

So, the presence of Baloch leaders in Afghanistan and their frequent visits to India is the proof of ominous plan by India and Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan.


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