Imran Khan demands reformation of Election Commission


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan said that a new Pakistan cannot come into existence through rigged elections. He asked whether people who come into power through fake mandate become pious later. He alleged that the formation of a new Pakistan was stopped through rigging in last year’s elections.

Addressing a rally at D-Chowk to protest against alleged election rigging, he said that the purpose of today’s rally is accountability of rigging in previous elections, adding that rigging threatens democracy, and that free and fair elections strengthen democracy.

Summing up his speech, Imran Khan enlisted the much anticipated demands from the government.

  • First demand was the reformation of Election Commission.
  • The second demand talked about biometric verification of voters identities in four constituencies.
  • His third demand is to bring all perpetrators guilty of rigging or abetting of election rigging.
  • Fourth demand is to make all Returning Officers (ROs) accountable to election commission for future elections.
  • Fifth demand is to hold hearing of post-election appeals within 120 days of the filing.
  • Sixth demand is to introduce electronic and biometric voting systems eliminating the chances of rigging.
  • Seventh demand is to bar all caretakers from holding any public office at least for two years. He demanded to deploy impartial caretakers instead of those who inflicted ’35 punctures’ and became Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman.
  • The eighth demand is the allowance of right to vote to overseas Pakistanis in light of Supreme Court’s decision.
  • As ninth demand, PTI invited all political parties to work together and jointly produce a comprehensive election reform package.

Imran Khan vowed to work together with all political parties for the improvement of the system. He announced that Tsunami will next hit Faisalabad on May 23.

He further announced that his party will now hold protests outside election commission office every Friday and that his party’s Tsunami is ‘unstoppable’.


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